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Learn About Bitcoin

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How to Buy Bitcoin

Click on the Coinbase link below to get started. If you spend $100, you'll get $10 for free!

What is a Satoshi?

In this 2-minute video, we quickly school you on "what the bloody hell a Satoshi is" with Gueedoh, our guest lecturer.   

Remember, it's easy to become a millionaire...

in Satoshis!

Physical Bitcoin Revealed

Did you know that you can actually touch and feel a Bitcoin? And what started in 2011 with Bitcoin quickly extended into Litecoin, Ethereum, and even Monero?

It's true!  In the videos below, we take you through some of the history and showcase some of the most popular (and rare) physical cryptocurrencies in the world!

2013 Casascius Silver Bitcoin 1 BTC

2016 Satori Poker Chip .001 BTC

2016 Lealana Monero Coin - 5 XMR Monero