The Next ICO is Already SOLD OUT!…But You Can Still Get a Piece

June 14, 2017

HOT! HOT! HOT! The Civic Coin ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a week away, and it’s already sold out! But the crowdsale will still go on…just limited. For those of you in the Financial Industry, this coin might be for you. It’s all about Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Identity Verification. The beauty of this company is that the application goes beyond the financial industry, as many retailers and other B2C companies are taking part in the KYC initiative. The Civic coin will be used as a currency to pay institutions and individuals alike to confirm their personal information. In so doing, the middle man is cut out, verification is decentralized and improved, and efficiencies are abundant. For those of you who are interested in ICOs, this might be one worth looking into. Lots of real-world application, built on the Rootstock platform (a 2.0 derivative of the Bitcoin blockchain) and functioning off Ethereum’s ERC20 standard. Here is the full white paper. Very interesting. No wonder there is already massive demand. Keep in mind, ICOs are very risky and any investment into Cryptocurrency is very volatile. This post is not intended to provide advice or encourage investment in any coin; the intent is...

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