Casascius Bitcoin For Sale
Funded 2013 Brass 1.0 BTC (Series 2)

We are please to feature a 2013 Casascius Physical Bitcoin for sale by one of our subscribers. The coin is in excellent condition and is being offered for sale by it’s original owner. The coin is currently funded with the original 1 BTC from Casascius. We will supply the first bits at your request for verification.
If you’re interested in acquiring this coin, reach out to us and we’ll make it happen.

Asking Price: 2.5 BTC or equivalent of LTC/ETH (actual coin pictured above)

Physical Casascius Bitcoins

Are you looking to learn more about Casascius bitcoins? Physical bitcoins were created by Casascius in 2011 and there are many to collect. Take a moment to read up on all the different Casascius bitcoin variations available.

Physical Casascius Brass Bitcoin Series 1 – 2013

Physical Casascius Bitcoin – Series 3 (1 oz. Silver)

A total of 2,000 Series 3 1 oz. silver coins were created Series 3 - Casascius 1 oz Silver BTC and sold in 2013. 1,300 of these coins are produced with a completely silver “B” and 700 were created with a gold “B” and rim. The most notable feature of the series 3 coin is the use of laser-rimming. The laser-rimming appears around the edge of the hologram and is an added security feature.
Material: .999 silver
Diameter: 39mm
Thickness: 3mm
Weight: 1 ozt

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Original series 1 BTC coin
Second series 1 BTC coin
10 BTC silver round
25 BTC coin
1 oz. Silver BTC