Top Physical Cryptocurrency Tokens

Physical cryptocurrencies are essentially a cold storage device. They usually contain a private key that's hidden under a tamper-resistant security hologram. Often times these holograms are highly detailed and vary greatly from one physical crypto token to the next. 

Physical cryptocurrency tokens are highly collectible and sought after. 

Casascius and Lealana are the two most popular physical cryptos- but there are many others.Take a few moments to browse some of our favorites below. 

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What is Physical Crypto?

2019 Ballet Crypto Cold Storage Wallet

2013 Lealana Silver .5 BTC Bitcoin

2013 Lealana "Gold B" 1 BTC Bitcoin

2013 Lealana 10 LTC Litecoin

2019 MoonBits 5K Bitcoin (Series R)

2018 MoonBits 1K Bitcoin (Series T)

2016 Satori "Poker Chip" Bitcoin (.001 BTC)

2014 Geek Bitcoin - 5mBTC (.005 BTC)

2014 Cryptolator .1 BTC Brass Bitcoin

2013 Cryptovest 1 LTC Litecoin

2014 Microsoul .01 Bitcoin

Physical Cold Storage Wallet by Lynx Art