Our TOP 3 Bitcoin and Crypto Videos on YouTube – A Must Watch

The people have spoken – It’s all about making money!

We have over 50 crypto and bitcoin videos on our YouTube channel and have accumulated over 1500 subscribers in less than 8 months.

Our videos provide sight and perspective on trading, as well as how-to guidance and basic educational presentations.

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Below are the top 3 videos on our channel by views. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the top two videos are all about investing. And if you took our recommendations, you would be up several hundred percent!

#1 “The Coin with The Most Upside” (25,325 views)

#2 “Will Digibyte (DGB) Hit 2,500 Sats Again?” (15,975 views)

#3 “NO FEES on GDAX!” (10,745 views)

And last but not least, here is our latest video:

“Bitcoin Superconference, Taxes, and Robinhood vs. Coinbase”

Now with Robinhood, GDAX might get a run for its money!

Click on the Robinhood link and get a free share of stock when you sign up!

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