(VIDEO) Verge Currency (XVG) vs OKCash (OK) – Which coin wins? | Investing in Cryptocurrency

After the “Bitcoin Correction”, there are now a lot of alt coins that seem to be primed for potential investment — or at least the consideration of an investment.

But is it too early to invest quite yet? Will there be further correction?

Prior to the crash, we put out a video on Verge and one on OK Cash. In each video we listed pros and cons, and tried to provide an overview of the coins and the businesses behind them. You can watch the OK Cash video here and the Verge Currency video here.

Now that we are on the other side of a major cryptocurrency correction, the questions that arise are:

– Should you invest now or should you wait to see if there will be further downside?

– If you invest, would you rather invest in OKCash or Verge or a different coin?

– Is Verge still the coin with the most upside? Is OKCash still forming the “Stairway to Heaven?”

– Are we in a temporary holding pattern until the FUD passes, the dust settles and new ATHs are realized?

Watch this video to see our perspective and leave a comment to give us your perspective. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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