(VIDEO) Is Bitcoin a Bubble? 3 Reasons Why Bitcoin is NOT a Bubble

The Bitcoin Euphoria has hit and everyone wants a piece of the pie.

Because of the “parabolic” growth over the last week, the cries for the bubble to pop have grown louder again. But this isn’t Bitcoin’s first rodeo.

This video explains three reasons why Bitcoin is actually not a bubble. It may go through corrections at a higher clip than traditional investments, but if it was a bubble, it would have been dead a long time ago (2013).

Those who are calling it a bubble are scared skeptics who don’t understand the technology behind the revolution.

Unlike other bubbles of the past (real bubbles, like the housing market), Bitcoin has been strong and it continues to rise even in the face of unrelenting critics.

Leave your comments below. Any other reasons you think it’s not a bubble?

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